Clearing Out Sentimental Clutter

Clearing Out Sentimental Clutter

Discarding sentimental items is much harder than discarding regular clutter, as they often bring back lots of memories. However, at times these items stop giving you joy and just take up space, and therefore must go, although it won’t be easy. Here are some tips to help.

Determine a Timeframe

This task may seem overwhelming, but there is no point getting stressed out over it. So, give yourself a generous timeframe, and break up the task into chunks so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Ask for Help

Sometimes sorting through sentimental items is emotionally draining, so consider asking a family member or a friend to help, and give another view of the process.

Just Make a Start

Even if you start with non-sentimental items first (to get you into the right mindset) the key is to make a start. Start with the items that you no longer value or no longer make you happy, and set them aside.

Give Sentimental Items to Family or Friends

Sometimes an item is not only sentimental to you, and it may bring happiness to a family member or a friend. Ask them if they would like the item before discarding it. This may make it easier to part with it.

Limit the Items Associated with a Memory

Sometimes you have several items from an event or a trip. Why not choose your favourite item and get rid of the rest?

Don’t Feel Bad About Getting Rid of Gifts

Quite often guilt creeps in if you want to get rid of a gift that someone has given you. However, chances are that they won’t know or notice, and if it doesn’t make you feel good any longer, it is yours to do what you like with.

Scan and Save

The cloud is a great place to save old photos, children’s artwork and other printed items. When you want to look at them, they will be easy to retrieve, without taking up precious space at your home.

Get a Designated Space for Sentimental Items

If you simply can’t part with some of the items, get a container or a box in which to store them. This will help de-clutter, but you will still have access to the items when you want to look at them.

Please remember that although this task is hard, you will create space for new memories to be made.