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Maximizing Space in a Small Apartment with Self-Storage

Living in a small apartment can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding space for all your belongings, and making the most of your limited space is crucial. Below are some suggestions for you. Declutter Regularly One of the first steps to maximizing space in a small apartment is decluttering. Regularly go through your […]

Things You Should Never Store in Your Storage Unit

We don’t know what is stored in each tenant’s storage unit, so we need our tenants to be responsible and never store the following: Flammable or Explosive Materials Never store items that could catch on fire easily like full gas cannisters and gas bottles. We have seen several gas bottles in abandoned storage units, and […]

What To Look For In A Self-Storage Facility

Below are some things to considering when shopping around for a storage facility. Security When you store your items at a self-storage facility, you need peace of mind knowing that they will be as safe as possible. Be sure to look for features like video surveillance, electronic gate access and good lighting when choosing where […]

The Most Common Reasons For Renting A Storage Unit

The Most Common Reasons For Renting A Storage Unit Moving Storing your items when moving to a house is the most common reason for storage. Quite often the contractor has not finished your new home and you have to move out of your existing residence into somewhere temporary. Disruption Unpleasant things happen like divorce, death […]

Tips On Organizing Your Storage Unit For Frequent Access

If you need items from your storage unit on a frequent basis, the key is to organize them properly so that you are not digging around in piles of unlabeled boxes that are behind furniture and appliances. You don’t want to have to pull everything out of the unit to start your search. Choose one […]

Security At Store All

At Store All we take security very seriously. We offer coded electronic access at all three of our facilities, and we stipulate that all codes are seven digits long, as four-digit codes are easy to guess. We also have CCTV that records 24 hours per day at all three of our facilities. In our indoor […]

Tips For Moving Heavy Items

When moving large, heavy items you don’t want to injure yourself in the process. Below are some tips to help you prevent injury and also damage to your items. Think it through before you start Before you rush at it, carefully look at the large items and take measurements and get an idea of how […]

Moving Tips

Moving house is never straightforward. People often think that you simply pack up your belongings and get someone to move them all to your new house. In fact, there’s much more to consider during the moving process, and it can be even more stressful when something goes wrong. Therefore, it’s important to plan the steps […]

Green Initiatives

At Store All we feel strongly that minimizing our impact on the environment is key to running a successful business. The following are some of the initiatives that we have undertaken so far to reduce our environmental footprint. Photovoltaics We have installed photovoltaics on our roofs to cancel our electricity bill and to reduce our […]

Tips For Students – How To Store The Items In Your Dorm Room During Summer Vacation

Reserve you storage unit Call Store All or reserve a unit online. A 10% student discount is offered for the first three months. Make sure to reserve your unit early as they go fast. Plan to be at Store All for at least 20 minutes for your tour and to sign the tenant agreement. You […]

Inventory Management Tips For Small Businesses

Being an entrepreneur is difficult as there are so many things to do, and when you are starting your business it is critical to manage your inventory carefully. Often this often is pushed aside in favour of tasks like making sales and taking care of customers, but this is a mistake. Your inventory needs to […]

Secure Self-Storage While You Travel

If you’re going on a long trip, secure, affordable storage for your belongings will give you peace of mind. At Store All our storage units range in size from as little as 2 square feet to over 300 square feet, so you only pay for the space you need. They are available for as long as […]

The Difference Between Self-Storage & Valet Storage

So, you need storage. Whatever your reason, you have the choice of self-storage, or valet storage at Store All. To help you to choose the option best for you, please see the following. Self-Storage – The Process You first choose the Store All location closest to you, and then the size of unit you need, […]

How To Prepare Your Clothes For Storage

Donate clothes that you won’t wear again to charity If you haven’t worn something for a long time, you should consider donating it to a charity like the Salvation Army of the Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness.  This is often hard to do, because you often think that you may that piece of clothing again, […]

Uncluttered Houses Sell Faster

So, you want to sell your home, and you want to do it quickly. Well, you first need to declutter your house. Let the buyers picture themselves in the home Most of us have too much stuff, and you want the potential buyers not to be distracted by your personal items, and to fall in […]

Declutter Your Office

Let’s face it, when you’re at work it’s easy for your office to become cluttered. You accumulate more and more paper, which goes into your filing cabinets and eventually into file boxes. You buy new furniture and equipment, and don’t want to get rid of the existing items, as they may come in handy in […]

Packing & Storage Tips

At Store All we realize that packing your personal items and furniture in order to move into a self storage unit can be very time consuming and frustrating. Therefore, in order to make it easier for you we have put together the following list: BEFORE YOU START PACKING Set up an appointment to visit us […]

Tips On Packing Your Storage Unit

Get as many boxes as you think you will need, along with tape, markers and bubble wrap, etc. Boxes of the same size help with stacking and accessibility. These are sold in Store All’s office and we will buy back any unused boxes. Make an inventory of your items and keep it in a safe […]

Beginner’s Guide To Self-Storage

Many people are first-time renters of self-storage, so we put together a few basic tips to help you choose exactly what you need. Determine the Correct Size Storage Unit for Your Items Quite often renters of self-storage will make a mental estimation of the size of the unit needed, but this can often be an […]

Clearing Out Sentimental Clutter

Discarding sentimental items is much harder than discarding regular clutter, as they often bring back lots of memories. However, at times these items stop giving you joy and just take up space, and therefore must go, although it won’t be easy. Here are some tips to help. Determine a Timeframe This task may seem overwhelming, […]

Tips For Storing Musical Equipment

Musical instruments are often quite valuable and can last for years once you take good care of them. If you need to store an instrument, here are some tips to keep it safe while in your storage unit: Take apart the instrument. If it can take it apart. If it is a stringed instrument, loosen […]

Who Needs Temperature Controlled Storage

When using self-storage, please note that there are several items that require temperature controlled storage as they are sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. In Store All’s temperature controlled sections the temperature is maintained at 25 degrees Celsius. Items that should be stored in a temperature controlled unit are antique and leather furniture, artwork and […]

Help A Loved One Downsize

At some point some your senior family members will have to downsize their home(s), and finding a solution can be a challenge. You must be considerate and sensitive when undertaking this process. Below are some tips to help downsize a senior loved one’s home: 1. Be respectful of possessions. It may appear to you as […]

How Self-storage Can Help After A Death In The Family

A death in the family is one of the most stressful times in your life. Self-storage can be very useful at this time giving you some breathing room until you decide what to do with all of your loved one’s possessions. If the home of the deceased needs to be sold or rented, self-storage can […]

How To Store A Mattress

First clean the mattress using upholstery cleaner, and then vacuum both sides.   Invest in a plastic mattress cover to protect the mattress in storage. You can buy these at Store All for between $19.95 and $28.95. Secure the mattress cover with tape, and this will stop dust from getting into the fibers, even though […]

How Self-Storage Can Help When Moving House

Moving house is an extremely stressful time. You have the stress of finding the right home for a good price, dealing with lawyers, and then moving all of your possessions and your family. Store All can help make this more painless. Sometimes you have to sell your home first and rent somewhere on a temporary […]