Things You Should Never Store in Your Storage Unit

Things You Should Never Store in Your Storage Unit

We don’t know what is stored in each tenant’s storage unit, so we need our tenants to be responsible and never store the following:

Flammable or Explosive Materials

Never store items that could catch on fire easily like full gas cannisters and gas bottles. We have seen several gas bottles in abandoned storage units, and this makes us very nervous. Obviously cardboard boxes, documents and books are allowed, but dangerous items like fuel, fertilizer and flammable chemicals are not allowed.

Hazardous Materials 

Items like acids, chemicals or radioactive materials are not permitted. If they spill, they can cause serious health problems and difficult clean up issues.


Liquids are prohibited, because if they spill or leak they can cause serious damage to the unit they are stored in as well as to neighbouring units.

Perishable Food

Perishable food and open food containers are not allowed. Even a small amount of food will attract pests, including insects and rodents. This can lead to an infestation not only in your unit, but in the rest of the facility. We treat the facilities on a regular basis, but food in a unit will make it impossible for us to keep out insects and rodents. Food can also rot and become very smelly and make the facility unpleasant for all of our tenants.

Illegal Items

Illegal drugs, weapons and stolen items are prohibited. If the police have a warrant directed to Store All we are bound to obey it and grant them access to the storage unit.