Help A Loved One Downsize

Help A Loved One Downsize

At some point some your senior family members will have to downsize their home(s), and finding a solution can be a challenge. You must be considerate and sensitive when undertaking this process.

Below are some tips to help downsize a senior loved one’s home:

1. Be respectful of possessions. It may appear to you as an unimportant object, but it may have meaning or sentimental value to your loved one. Once you show respect and ask for your loved one’s opinion he will feel much better about the change.

2. Communicate. Ask your loved one if you can dispose of an item, and make her explain why she wants to keep it, as she may try to hold onto unnecessary possessions. In any case, a discussion will help her feel heard and involved in the process of deciding what items should stay and what items need to go.

3. Identify goals and set a schedule before you begin. You must determine how many of the possessions can be kept and how many have to go. You must also set a timeline as you may have to sort through several rooms.

4. Donate items to a charitable group. Donating items to organizations like the Salvation Army can be a great solution.

5. Have a sale. If there are a lot of items, an auction sale may be a good way of getting rid of them.

6. Rent a self-storage unit. If there are items remaining that you don’t want to get rid of, consider renting a storage unit. Store All has units of all sizes from two square feet to 320 square feet, so you only pay for the space you need.