Uncluttered Houses Sell Faster

Uncluttered Houses Sell Faster

So, you want to sell your home, and you want to do it quickly. Well, you first need to declutter your house.

Let the buyers picture themselves in the home

Most of us have too much stuff, and you want the potential buyers not to be distracted by your personal items, and to fall in love with your house. You need to let them imagine their personal possessions in the home, and their photos of loved ones, and not be distracted by yours.

Highlight the storage spaces in the house

Like you, the potential buyers probably have a lot of stuff, and you want to be able to show off your cupboards, closets and storage spaces when showing the house. You don’t want the buyers to open cupboards and storage spaces that are full of old clothes and your personal items.

Make the house feel cleaner and well maintained

Perception is key, and a decluttered house simply looks better cared for and cleaner, than one full of personal possessions.

Make the house feel bigger

A decluttered house feels much bigger than if it is full of furniture, knickknacks, and photos. This will increase the perceived size of the house and make it more appealing to the buyers.

Store All can help with your decluttering, as we sell boxes and packing supplies, and can provide storage units of all sizes for your personal items.