How To Prepare Your Clothes For Storage

How To Prepare Your Clothes For Storage

Donate clothes that you won’t wear again to charity

If you haven’t worn something for a long time, you should consider donating it to a charity like the Salvation Army of the Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness.  This is often hard to do, because you often think that you may that piece of clothing again, but in reality you probably won’t, so be decisive. Chances are you won’t miss the old clothes when they are gone.

Repair any damaged clothing

Check your clothes for damage and do any repairs before you store them. When you take your clothes out of storage you will be happy that you sewed on that missing button or mended that hole, so that you can wear your clothes right away.

Wash and dry your clothes properly

Before you put your clothes into storage, you really should wash and dry them thoroughly. Ironing them before you store them is unnecessary, as you will have to iron them again once you get them out of storage, which is double work.

Pack your clothes properly

Use boxes or plastic bins instead of bags, as many bags break down over time leaving a mess of small pieces of plastic all over your clothes. Boxes and plastic bins can be purchased at all Store All locations. Heavier items of clothing should be placed at the bottom of the box, and lighter, delicate clothing at the top. If you roll your clothes rather than folding them, you may be able to fit more clothes into the box. If you have items that should be hung rather than rolled or folded, consider purchasing a wardrobe box that has a hanging rail. Be careful of using vacuum storage bags for long term storage, as although they save a great deal of space, keeping items made from natural fibres, such as wool and silk in a plastic bag can damage them and make them lose shape over time. Vacuum bags are fine for short term storage, but if you are storing for a long time, we suggest using plastic storage bins or boxes.

Store them in the right location

When storing clothes, you need somewhere dry, clean and not too hot. Store All has secure storage units of various sizes, which are clean, dry and cool. Temperature controlled units are also offered at the Pine Commercial location.