Security At Store All

Security At Store All

At Store All we take security very seriously.

We offer coded electronic access at all three of our facilities, and we stipulate that all codes are seven digits long, as four-digit codes are easy to guess.

We also have CCTV that records 24 hours per day at all three of our facilities.

In our indoor storage sections at Pine Commercial and Gibbons, we have motion and smoke detectors, and a monitored security system.

At our Lears facility, each drive-up storage unit has an individual door alarm, while we have a motion detection system in the drive-up storage section at our Gibbons facility, and these are both monitored.

At Pine Commercial there is also security guard at night from 8.00 pm to 6.00 am, who does routine patrols.

Each of our facilities has perimeter security fencing and is well-lit with LED lights at night. Also, many of our drive-up units have metal, security lock covers.

We also only sell cylindrical/disc locks and encourage all tenants to use these locks as opposed to locks with a long shackle.

Contents Protection is also offered for an additional fee.

Our facilities at Pine Commercial and Gibbons also have generators that turn on automatically in the event of a power outage, so our gates and CCTV will continue operating. There is also a generator at our Lears facility that is manually operated, and once turned on the gate and the CCTV will continue operating.

We also constantly stay abreast of trends in self-storage security and will continue to upgrade as the technology improves.