Tips On Organizing Your Storage Unit For Frequent Access

Tips On Organizing Your Storage Unit For Frequent Access

If you need items from your storage unit on a frequent basis, the key is to organize them properly so that you are not digging around in piles of unlabeled boxes that are behind furniture and appliances. You don’t want to have to pull everything out of the unit to start your search.

Choose one box size box that is easy to stack and to lift

Boxes that are the same size are easy to stack and to organize. Store All’s medium size box (18”X18“X16”) is a great size because it won’t be as heavy as our larger boxes.

Label and number each box

Label or mark each box on the top and on the side(s) with a box number, the room it came from, and a detailed description of the contents. If you will need items frequently from a particular box, you may also want to label or mark it differently from the other boxes so that it stands out.

Determine which items/boxes you will need to access frequently and pack the unit carefully

Give careful thought to what you will need frequently from your storage unit and pack accordingly. You may want to place your furniture and appliance against the wall opposite your boxes leaving a path down the middle of the unit. This will allow you to access both the boxes and the furniture easily. Place the biggest items of furniture at the back against the wall.

Create a detailed list of your items

Record each box number and the corresponding list of contents.

Place the map of your contents inside the storage unit where it is visible

Draw a map showing the location of the items and numbered boxes. Then stick the map close to the entrance of the unit. This will help you find your items easily and save you valuable time.

Do not get a storage unit that is too small

If you pack your storage unit to the rafters it will be very difficult to find items. If your budget permits get a slightly larger storage unit so that you can have room to move around and find your items. Luckily Store All has a wide range of unit sizes to suit your needs.

Consider using shelves

If you are going to be storing your items for a long time, you may want to consider installing shelves in your storage unit. This will help you keep your boxes organized and will help you find your items quickly.